46pcs DSLR Lens Cleaning Kit

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So you shooting blurry and foggy videos huh? cut it out my guy and keep those lenses clean with our 46 piece cleaning kit.
Don't have your clients in a frenzy with hairs and scratches in your final product, give them that jaw dropping crystal clear 
video quality that will have them calling for more projects. Can't say i didn't put you on, Shipping 4-7 business days in the USA 
and i will be shipping international soon. Pack Includes

1 mini box
1 Air Blower
1 Double Sided LensPen
1 Cleaning Brush
4 CCD/CMOS sensor cleaning Swabs
6 Cotton Swabs
5 Cleaning Wipes, Tissue
5 Cleaning Cloths
1 Tweezers
1 storage box
20 lens cleaning paper (only spray bottle for your choice of cleaning agent)